Dip It!

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 3.48.04 PMWho doesn’t love to dunk foods into chocolate, peanut butter, or yogurt and freeze them for some sweet and savory snacks to treat yourself to after a long day? I’m putting a healthier spin on some foods and diving into dipping! You can dip just about any piece of fruit in dark chocolate or yogurt and freeze it to create a solid mold, but here are some of my favorite recipes to create the best snack dippers.



-20 strawberries

-1 cup dark chocolate or 1 cup plain yogurt (Greek yogurt works best because of its thickness)


Place dark chocolate into a bowl and microwave for 45 seconds. Take bowl out of microwave. Stir. Put bowl back in microwave for another 20 seconds. Take a 9×13 inch tray and line with parchment paper. Dip each strawberry about 3/4 into chocolate (or yogurt) and place onto pan. Freeze for 2 hours.



– 8 small to medium sized bananas

-1 cup dark chocolate or 1 cup plain yogurt


Follow the same melting and tray set-up instructions as strawberries. Peel bananas and either slice bananas (about 15 slices per banana) or cut off one end of the banana and place a popsicle stick in it, leaving just enough of the stick to hold in your fist. Dip slices or popsicle stick bananas into chocolate (or yogurt). Freeze for 2 hours.



-10 kiwis

-1 cup dark chocolate or 1 cup plain yogurt


Follow the same melting and tray set-up instructions as strawberries. Peel kiwis and slice (about 5 slices per kiwi, slices should not be thin). Either dip slice by itself into chocolate (or yogurt) or put a popsicle stick into kiwi and only dip one side completely into chocolate. It should remind you of a black and white cookie, only with a kiwi. Freeze for 2 hours.


Follow the ingredient lists and directions above for each fruit, using the banana slices for the bananas. Take kabob sticks and assemble strawberries, bananas, and kiwis onto them in any fashion desired. These make creative, delicious, and healthy dessert options for you and friends.

Topping Ideas

Before placing fruit in the freezer, add some toppings such as goji berries, pistachios, almonds (basically any kind of nut), granola, or mini chocolate or yogurt chips.


  1. Be fun and creative with your toppings! If you have the time, put different toppings on each piece of fruit to add variety.

  2. Be careful not to burn chocolate when in the microwave because it is very sensitive to heat.

  3. Do not take out your frozen treats before they are fully frozen or else they will melt easily and will be ruined.

  4. For the kabobs, cut strawberry stem off of strawberry before assembling kabobs to make them easier to eat.

  5. You can substitute peanut butter for dark chocolate or yogurt if allergic to dairy. 


By Marisa Malanga