Sex + Relationships

When You’re the Other Girl

Boy flirts with girl. Girl falls for boy. Boy has a girlfriend. Sound familiar? Yep, I think we’ve all been there before. You get a guy’s number and the flirting is constant. His charm is so intoxicating you swear you’ve never met a guy like him before. But all the excitement fizzles out when you find out he has a girlfriend. That’s right. Not a girl who is a friend, but an actual girlfriend who believes they arein a committed relationship. Now, you may ask why a guy would flirt when he has a girlfriend. Here are your reasons.

He likes the attention and believes flirting is fun.

Men often want an ego-boost while in a relationship and find flirting entertaining.

He wants to know he still has the ability to attract the opposite sex.

Flirting often dies out in relationships, leaving guys wondering if they still have that magic touch.

He wants to have a back-up plan or is unhappy in his current relationship.

If unhappy, men may resort to flirting with women, particularly those who possess qualities they may feel their significant other is lacking.

Now if you consider flirting cheating, studies have been conducted to find why men cheat more often than women. In one study from the University of Austin Texas, 70 men and 148 women were asked to describe an instance where they were attracted to someone considered “off limits.”

Participants were asked to rate the strength of their sexual desire for this person and their attempts to use self-control. The study found men were more likely than women to act on the inappropriate attraction, but demonstrated the same levels of self-control as women did. Therefore, it seems men’s sexual desires are so strong that they cheat when failing to use self-control. These naturally strong sexual impulses may be another reason why men in relationships flirt.

However, no matter the reason, once you find out Mr. Oh-So-Charming has a girlfriend, let him go. It’s not worth the possible drama or heartache.

By Delilah Mulgannon