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Keep Holding On?

There are some relationships that we put everything we have into. We put every ounce of our being into this person, yet sometimes we wonder if we should keep holding on. There is a fear that if we let go all of our efforts would have been a waste of time. There is a time, however, where letting go is necessary to move on with your life.

One thing we need to think about when faced with the choice to hold on or not, is how the past has been. If the past was filled with more bad times than good, or has made you more upset than happy, it may be best to let go.

If the past has been generally full of good times and happiness, fighting for your relationship should not be a waste of time. Your relationship in the past is a good determinate for how your relationship will be in the future.

Another thing we need to consider is if we are the only one in the relationship fighting and putting in effort. Are you going the extra mile when the other person is only giving an inch? If you feel like the other person is not into the relationship as much as you are then letting go is key. If you both are putting in equal work then this whole question could be resolved easily. Maybe it’s just a miscommunication between the both of you. If both of you are giving your all, just talk about it –don’t give up just yet.

If you do decide to let go, remember that Just because you let go of a relationship does not mean that you are weak or you wasted your time. It means the relationship just was not right. If it is causing you more stress than happiness, letting go can be a relief. If you have reason for holding on to the little bit of hope, you are not wishing for the impossible. If you feel deep down that this can work, talk it out. Keep fighting because if you feel this is right, there is no need to doubt it.

By Samantha Breault