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Running for Joy

Among the many friendly faces I saw while visiting home this weekend, my dog was the most excited to see me. She went bezerk the moment I stepped through the door. Whereas a human friend shows joy with a hug and conversation, my dog went crazy—jumping, barking, and running like a nut.

She expressed her excitement by running circles around my yard. I ran with her too, then I paused to watch her. She was running for pure joy.

That’s why people should run—joy. Loosing weight or looking better are the wrong reasons to run. Yes, they’re a byproduct, but they shouldn’t be the purpose.

I played a character in my friend’s COM117 public service announcement where my role would run intensely for the sole purpose of loosing weight. The PSA ended with my character passing out from exhaustion.

Running was a chore, not a hobby for my role. People who enjoy their workouts are more likely to continue and will also reap the health benefits as well.

Follow these tips to be more like my dog and less like my character:

  1. Get a bumpin’ playlist. I never believed that a playlist would help with motivation until I actually made myself a playlist. Now, I’m like Pavlov’s dog when I hear Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines.
  2. Warm up your mind. Look in your mirror, smile and tell yourself why this is going to be the best work out ever! Just make sure your roommate is gone before you start talking to yourself.
  3. Vary your workouts. Maybe you just need a break from running. Try playing soccer or give cycling a try. I heard that What the Health’s free fitness series Thursdays at 10 p.m. in Archbold are pretty stellar.

By Danielle Roth