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WTH Free Fitness Series: Total Body Workout

 BWQuQI7IQAArsxiThe room was slightly empty with only the class instructor prepping the sound system, some girls chatting in the corner, others stretching or simply waiting for the class to start. It seemed as if this would be the size of the class: six people including the instructor in the cycling room of Archbold Gym. But as soon as it hit 10:00 p.m. the room filled up with a stampede of people, mostly girls and two guys, joining the class that was about to start. The room that had before seemed too big for the amount of people, now seemed too small for the 25 active bodies it held.

In perfect exercise attire, everyone looked motivated as they waited for further instruction. The instructor warns everyone that class is about to start and they all scramble to spaced-out spots. Some very daringly go to the front of the class while others are more comfortably in the back. An upbeat remix starts and soon the instructor’s energetic voice has everyone warming up with the basics: jumping jacks.

This was the beginning of last night’s total body workout. Hosted by What the Health magazine in collaboration with Late Night at the Gym, Jillian Thaw, a licensed fitness instructor pursuing a masters in Newhouse, will be conducting different workout sessions each week as part of WTH’s free fitness series. The classes are each Thursday at 10 p.m. in the first-floor cycling room at Archbold Gym.

As the first time What the Health magazine and Late Night at the Gym have ever collaborated, last night was a success.

Joe Sulpizio, a J.D. student of College of Law, agrees. He says he found out about the class when he saw a pamphlet at the bus stop and found the time very convenient, as he hasn’t found time to exercise. He also thinks the class is better than going to the gym by himself. “I’m the type that needs the instruction to exercise so this class was definitely more beneficial than going to the gym by myself,” he says.

Sometimes students need that little extra push to exercise. Thaw showed her expertise as a motivator as she encouraged students to finish their workout until the last second. Thaw’s playlist, which included Mackelmore’s “Can’t Hold Us” and Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own,” was on full blast and added to the students’ drive to continue the workout, as the steps got harder similar to a boot camp.

Afterward, I got the chance to speak to Jillian Thaw about the magazine’s teamwork with Late Night at the Gym. “It’s a great way for the magazine to practice what it preaches,” she says. She also agrees that the workout session was a success and should continue on.

Be sure to join us next Thursday, October 17 at 10:00 p.m. for the fun Zumba workout. Look for flyers around campus or email us at for more information. 

By Gilmarie Perea-Ruiz