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Defining a Hookup

When you think about college, hooking up is one of the first things that come to mind. Of course classes, sporting events, and studying take priority too (don’t worry Mom), but hooking up is definitely high up on the list. What is it about living on a college campus and going out on the weekend that makes students so eager to hookup? And what exactly does hooking up entail?

In our generation, hooking up takes on a variety of definitions. Some say you’ve only hooked up if you’ve had sex, others say it’s making out or more. The thing is, there is no specific definition. Even the Merriam-Webster Dictionary vaguely defines hookup as, “an act or an instance of hooking up; especially:  a casual sexual encounter”.

That’s why using the term “hooking up” is so great! We can use it in many different situations and still be right. You don’t have to worry about being slutty or prude if you say you’ve hooked up with someone, because it’s all up for interpretation. In a generation where it often feels every aspect of our lives is broadcast on Facebook or Twitter, it gives us privacy and mystery where we need it most. No matter what your definition for hooking up is, it can be a wonderful thing. As long as you feel comfortable with your partner and haven’t been pressured into doing anything you don’t want to do, there’s nothing abnormal or unnatural about hooking up! So be safe, be smart, and have fun.

By Morgan Chamberlain


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