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Anything But Fish N’ Chips: Fancy in Prague

Screen%20shot%202013-10-06%20at%205.52.13%20PMI know what you’re thinking: Lara has been having so much fun in London, but WHEN will she get to see her parents? They must miss her terribly, right? Well the time finally came this past weekend; I met my fabulous parental unit in Prague starting on Thursday afternoon, and the weekend kicked off from there.

It was definitely a different feel than being anywhere with my friends. With the gals I have to watch my cash when we go out because I’m paying out of my own wallet, whereas with my parents I had the luxury of relaxing a little and leaning on someone else for a couple days. Who doesn’t love being a little spoiled by their parents?

We started off the meals by going to a traditional Czech pub and sharing a couple dishes including goulash, cabbage, and classic cabbage pancakes. It was delicious, and because we shared there was really no guilt involved. However, the fun didn’t stop there. I had never thought about the Czech Republic as having food that would interest me, but I was more than wrong.

I can officially say that I’ve had the best meal of my life in Prague. As a Thanksgiving dinner, Hannukah dinner, and belated half-birthday dinner, my parents took me to a meal at a restaurant called “The Alcron”. If you ever go to Prague – go. Don’t ask questions, just go.

It was a meal with quite a few courses, but all of them had teeny, tiny portions so I didn’t even feel like I wanted to roll away afterwards. Out of the plates that came to rest in front of my eagerly awaiting fork and knife, two of them stuck out in my mind.

An appetizer that included goat cheese, beets, cocoa crumbles, and raspberries was the first to delight my Czech palate. The cheese was soft, fluffy, and creamy, and it was perfectly complimented by a crunchy, bitter beet slice. I’ve never thought about mixing chocolate and beet before, but it was unlike anything I’ve ever tasted and I was so impressed.

My second favorite dish came in the form of sweet and salty scallops. The scallops were glazed with a little bit of maple, and covered in a thin slice of prosciutto. There was carrot paste on the side (kind of counts as a vegetable, right?) and crispy, sliced veggies.

Prague, I loved you, but I’m so happy that I’m back in England for my next great week of food.

I can’t wait for my next meal. I’ll eat ANYTHING but fish and chips!

By Lara Gould