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“Your Roommate Did What?”

As we move into the second month of the semester, we begin to find out more about our roommates. By now, you’ve probably figured out the type of person he or she is – whether they’re messy or clean, night owls or early birds. But we’ve also had a chance to see how they behave, and you may even have an interesting story or two to tell your friends about them.

She left a mess in my microwave.

She stole one of my skirts.

She sleeps in her underwear.

She let her friends have sex in my bed while I was gone.

Or even worse: She always has sex while I’m in the room. 

Yeah, not everyone gets lucky enough to have their best friend as their roommate.

Since one of the biggest conflicts that can occur between roommates is the opposite-sex sleepover issue, we’ve rounded some tips on proper sleepover etiquette. So read up, and mind your manners. 


Introductions. If you plan on having your significant other over a lot throughout the year, make sure your roommate is familiar with him or her so that they feel comfortable having them in their personal space so often.

Advance Notice. Let your roommate know ahead of time when your boyfriend is coming over. Surprise visits aren’t always welcome.

Get approval. If you want to have your other half spend the night, be sure your roommate is cool with it. Staying a few hours in the room and spending the night are two very different things, and your roommate might have two very different opinions about them. This also gives her a chance to make their own plans so you guys can have some alone time.

Be Inclusive. Include your roommate in activities that you may be doing with your significant other. For example, if you’re ordering dinner on Grubhub, ask if they would like anything.


Too much PDA. Don’t have sex or engage in excessive PDA while you’re roommate is in the room. It’s awkward and disrespectful, so just don’t do it.

Be respectful. Try not to have your boyfriend or girlfriend over too late on school nights. If it looks like your roomie is getting ready to hit the hay, give your boyfriend the boot or relocate to a different part of the building.

Don’t be loud. This goes for any guests you might have over, but just be respectful. Your roommate might be trying to do homework.

Play fair. If you’re on the other side of the situation, don’t flirt with your roommate’s boyfriend or girlfriend when they leave the room. Don’t be that person.

Follow these tips and hopefully you and your roommate will never need to have an awkward chat about what’s acceptable.

By Caleigh Gran