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Rowing: The Better Total Body Workout

We’ve all seen the weird sitting machines that replicate rowing a kayak on the floors of our gyms. If you live on South, they’re exceptionally noisy and can sometimes make you wonder “how is that even considered a workout?”

Rowing (or erg-ing as the local kids call it) works out your entire body from shoulders to calves and is an amazing abdominal workout. The ergometer is not only a cardiovascular exercise, but also strength training. As women are beginning to understand, to lose weight or tone their bodies, weights are very necessary. The rowing machine may be just the tool to help you lose that extra five pounds you’ve been dieting super hard to shed, or help sculpt those abs.

Worried about joint-pain or knee injuries? Don’t. When executed properly, a rowing machine is low impact. Meaning, it won’t hurt what’s already been hurt, but will still help you succeed in reaching your goals.

The benefits of erg-ing go far beyond weight loss. If you switch up your fitness routine to include rowing at least once a week, you’ll see benefits in your respiratory system, making it easier to consume oxygen. Also, as previously mentioned, your core will be much stronger, which I can tell you will help a lot with balance if you’re clumsy, (take that one from me personally).

By Casie Popkin


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