Student Life

Excelling in Class While Excelling at Work

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 11.40.17 AMSyracuse University tuition isn’t cheap. In fact, Forbes ranked it 123 out of 650 of the most expensive colleges in the United States, and the 22 most expensive in New York State. With that in mind, lots of students balance a job with their schoolwork to pay their bills – a situation that can be stressful for many. And since studies have shown that having a job while in college is one of the leading causes of stress for college students, we’ve compiled a lit of tips to help you balance school and work without getting stressed out.

Know your limits. Only work when you are guaranteed to have plenty of free time, like during the weekends.

Get homework done ahead of time. This one is crucial for alleviating stress. Staying ahead in class and getting homework done in advance will prevent you from having to worry about it later.

Don’t work late on school nights. It’s simple – if you have class the next day avoid working late into the night, especially if you still have assignments to complete.

Do homework during free time. If you have an hour to kill between classes, take out the book you were supposed to read or head to the library with your notes. If possible, get assignments done during slow periods at work – but only if your supervisors allow you to.

Don’t work the night before big exams. If you’re working the night before a test, chances are you’ll stress about it. Take the night off to study. Grades are most important and there’s no point in working to pay off tuition if you’re just going to get kicked out anyway.

Eat healthy and get plenty of sleep to energize your body. The last thing you want to do is burnout from being overworked.

Try these tips and you’re guaranteed to reduce your stress levels. Good luck!


By Caleigh Gran