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Don’t Run Yourself Ragged

joggingLate last Sunday night, I realized the amount of things I had to do this week. I had a mini freak out—this week was going to kick my butt. By 4 p.m. on Monday, I was crying on the phone with my father. The  week had strangled my normal peppiness and replaced it with a black cloud.

Neglecting to run may have been the worst thing that happened this week. Normally, I can work in a workout during a busy week. If I wedged a run into the most stressful part of the week, I would’ve felt so much better. I did manage to run on Friday. It was so relaxing and I could feel my stress levels falling with each step.

To help everyone else avoid a busy-schedule burnout, here are some tips on squeezing runs into a jam-packed week:

 Make it a habit: Insert running into your routine. After running at a certain time, you’ll automatically want to work out. It’ll just feel strange if you decide to skip a work out.

Go with friends: More friends means more motivation. Your friends will keep you accountable for skipping a workout. They will motivate you and you will motivate them—in turn, motivating you even more!

Remember the post-run feeling: It’s great! Your legs feel stronger. Your mind feels clearer. I honestly feel like a champion who can do anything. That’s a good mindset to have when tackling a to-do list.

Little things count: Maybe you only have time for a mile at the gym—no problem! The smallest workouts still are better than the alternative: not working out.

Put it on your “to do” list: Taking care of yourself is as important as everything else that needs to get done. Running can shake you of a dismal mindset and replace it with positive vibes, helping you with that massive to do list in the process.

What are you doing still sitting? Go on a run!


By Danielle Roth