Help! Boredom During Cardio

You’re going hard at the gym and feel like you’ve been persevering through your workout long enough to be close to the finish line. But when you look down at the timer, you realize you’ve only been training for half the time you thought you had. We’ve all been there — that sinking feeling of disappointment because you’re nowhere near where you had thought.

Repeatedly doing the same thing, like the circular motion of the elliptical or the strenuous pace of running, can be super boring — trust me, I know. Here are some ways to make time go by a bit faster so you’re not tempted to ditch that last half hour.

Download the Netflix app. With a $7.99 a month subscription to Netflix, you can also get their app and watch literally hundreds of television shows and movies. Watching commerical-less television while doing cardio will make it so much easier to lose yourself to the point of being shocked that you’ve finished your workout so quickly!

Bring a book or magazine with you. While reading and moving at the same time is a feat I’m not personally great at, it definitely makes time go by so much faster. You can start improving your mind while simultaneously improving your body — or just learn some hot tips for what to wear this fall.

Download an audiobook. If you’re like me and are too clumsy to read while walking, download an audiobook, Podcast, or comedy routine onto your iPod or iPhone. This is a great way to read that book you never thought you’d get to, or experience a new way of looking at things while you’re doing something that literally makes you go on auto-pilot. If it’s comedy you crave, laughing burns extra calories and keeps you happier so it won’t seem as droll to go another twenty minutes.

By Casie Popkin


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