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Shopping Nightmare: When Grocery Shopping Is a Bad Idea

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 5.29.07 PMYou go grocery shopping whenever it’s convenient, right? Even if it’s a 1 a.m. trip to Wegmans because that’s the only time suitable? Wrong. A new study has shown that depending on what time we go to the supermarket may determine exactly how it will go.


In short, the study showed that when we go to the grocery store at times we are deprived of sleep, we are more likely to skip the produce section and jump right in to that high-calorie stuff, like those mozzarella sticks in the frozen aisle. Uh oh.

The study, conducted in Sweden, used 14 participants of a normal weight and put the theory to the test. They were given $50 and were told to spend away in a grocery store simulated by the researchers. The group was tested when they were sleep-deprived, and then when they had received a full eight hours. The results? The group not only bought 9 percent more unhealthy food when tired, but purchased 18 percent more food in total! Whoa!

So what’s behind this? As you might have guessed, a lack of sleep means a lack of control. So you are more likely to give in to the craving for mozzarella sticks than reaching for celery sticks.

Worse yet, once you’ve purchased the not-so-great food, you have to eat it right? This means your diet will be thrown off for a week or even more! Yikes.

So in the future, make sure you go to grocery shopping when you are well-rested and have a full stomach to help stay on track!

By Aisling Williams


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