Student Life

Crafty Motivation Boards

photo-7Sometimes when we feel lazy, tired, or are just having a bad day, we need a bit of inspiration to stay motivated. We need a reminder of our aspirations – both long and short term – like toning up before vacation, getting straight A’s for the semester, or getting into law school some day.

A motivation board is a great way to get out of the dumps and helps motivate you to go out and work closer to your goals. Here’s how to start your board:

– Write down four of your goals, include some for both the long and short term

– Find images or phrases that represent these goals

– Collect quotes that inspire you

– Print photos of you and your favorite people and places

– Find fabrics or items that are your favorite color

– Include anything else that lights a fire inside

Once you’ve found your pieces of motivation, pin them to a corkboard. Place your board on your fridge, near your mirror, door, or wherever you will be reminded daily of your aspirations. Your board should make you smile, remind you of who you are and who you want to be.