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More Time Apart, More Sex

Who isn’t trying to improve their sex life with their significant other? I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “distance makes the heart grow fonder,” and according to a recent survey, it’s true.
The survey, completed in the United Kingdom, proved that couples who spend at least one night apart a month, have sex more frequently than couples that are always together.

For the survey, Blue Rainbow Aparthotels, a short-term apartment rental service in the U.K., asked 2,000 couples how many days they spend apart each month and how often they have sex. Turns out, couples who spend one or two nights apart reported being intimate nearly twice as much as couples who don’t.

When we begin a new relationship, excitement is at its peak, as is arousal, mystery and newness. However, as the relationship becomes more serious, compassion decreases, said Terri Orbuch, Ph.D., sex and relationship expert, to Women’s Health.
So if you’re sitting on your couch wondering how it’s possible to get time away from your partner when the two of you live on the same campus, there are many things to try. You can hang out with friends or family, go to work, go on a walk or to the gym (alone), or even take some classes that spark your interest or contribute to your hobbies.

Taking a break from your partner gives you time to focus on yourself and build trust between each other. Overall, this can make your relationship happier and stronger. As a good friend of mine in a long-distance-relationship puts it, “It’s not easy being so far away from him, but we talk everyday and I know I can trust him. He loves me.”

So give it a shot. Take a night or two away from your mate. You won’t regret it that next time you crawl back into bed with him or her.

By Sarah Richheimer