Pump Up the Jams: Workout Playlists

One of the key elements for a good workout is a good playlist. Music can motivate, inspire, distract, or regulate a workout. Studies have shown that one’s pace is usually on target with a song’s tempo; therefore music can be helpful to a variety of exercises. Now to construct a complete playlist based on tempo and intensity for an entire workout session would be very difficult, so we’ve compiled a list of apps to help. – This is a free app that works in sync with your iTunes library. It creates a custom playlist based on you pace. This all happens automatically so you don’t have to fuss with your iPod or iPhone during your workout.

iWorkout Lite – Another great free app to enhance your workout. This one gives you the ability to slow down of speed up tracks in your iTunes library. This is useful for running, but also aerobic exercise and group workouts.

Pro Interval Timer – Although this app is $0.99, it is well worth it. Compatible with any exercise regimen, this app allows you to choose a song for a specific interval and edit the song length to have the most appealing part for you, say the drop of the newest Aviici song as you crank out your last few crunches? Then the app compiles the edited songs and makes a playlist perfect for your workout.

If you don’t have an iPhone — or just don’t have the desire to download any more – apps, great workout playlists are available through Spotify. Just search POPSUGAR Fitness and subscribe to one of their many workout playlists. 

By: Lis Webber

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