Healthy Hydration

I cannot think of any liquid more available to us than water. Think about it: Humans are almost 60 percent water, our planet is almost entirely ocean, and the only drink that is ever free is water. Ever wonder why that is? Because water is the only drink that is necessary for life. Knowing this, it still might be confusing to know how much you should actually be drinking.

Water needs vary based on the person drinking it. There are different factors for everyone; how much you weigh, how active you are, and what climate you live in. It even matters if you are male or female.

As a standard, everyone – no matter who you are or what you are – should be drinking at least eight cups of water a day. This is roughly two liters, and will keep your body moving the way it is supposed to. (If you get headaches, having more water might be the cure you were looking for.) If you are a guy, you should be getting anywhere between eight and thirteen cups a day, but obviously that could be difficult and you could begin to feel sluggish and full.

Water has benefits other than just its availability and the fact that it helps with hydration; water can help with weight loss as well. When a person is drinking enough water, they feel more full than someone who is not. Tip: Next time your stomach is growling, but you have recently eaten, grab a glass of water instead of a snack and wait twenty minutes. If your hunger goes away, it means you were just thirsty.

Along with the benefits, there are some real scare factors. Some people, especially those who run, have a habit of drinking too much water. We are already made up over 50 percent water, and although you are sweating, you are not losing all of it and to drink too much could possibly flood your veins, resulting in death.

I know it is gross, but use your urine as a way to know how much water to drink as well. If it is a dark yellow, you need to be drinking more throughout your day. The darker it is, the more toxins in your body. If it paler, you are good on the waterfront. A little bit of yellow is definitely a good thing. If your urine is clear, you have had too much water. Maybe go a little easier on the water intake. The clearness means your body is flushing out excess water.

In conclusion, make sure you are getting your eight cups a day, but do not go overboard. The rule of “everything in moderation” still applies even to something as beneficial as water is to our bodies.

By Casie Popkin


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