Getting Race Ready: Part 1

I don’t consider myself a runner. I admire their drive and commitment, but they’re too intense—and too good—for me to be of their breed.

I’m more of a fun runner. I’ll run to different neighborhoods for the sake of exploration. The warm days that have blessed Syracuse have beckoned me to enjoy their beauty. I even like the sweat; I earn my showers.

In May, when I started my foray back into the running world, I had to force myself to lace up my sneaks and hit the gym. Begrudgingly, I did it anyway. I didn’t want to embarrass myself for the 5K that my friend challenged me to run in over the summer.

Each run became easier to find the motivation. By the end of July, I ran my 5K. I’m not ashamed that I lost to my friend (by less than a minute!) and to my mother (that woman is buff), but I am ashamed of my time. As a semi-athletic high schooler, I could run a 5K in about 30 minutes. I trained so hard, the race was so exciting, but my finishing time was less than ideal.However, I didn’t really loose. I gained a new hobby, and one that has incredible benefits at that. I continue to run simply for the joy of it.

So follow along as I continue my running journey in preparation for a new race this winter. I’ll share my struggles and joy, hopefully inspiring you to find a similar runner’s high.

Maybe one day I’ll join the ranks of the elite, but for now, I’m happy.

By Danielle Roth