Cheers and Jeers

hands_clappingCheers to…

IUDs, which are now said to be safe for teenagers to use. A new study found that less than 1 percent of women using this long-term contraceptive have serious side effects. IUDs got a bad reputation in the 70s when a poor design led to infections and even deaths. But now, IUDs are actually being recommended. Learn more here.

Keeping the volume down. Pumping music through your headphones can result in hearing loss over time. When you’re wearing headphones, try not to listen for more than an hour and keep the volume below 60 percent. Check out this list of other easy ways to stay healthy.

Jeers to…

Eating red meat too often, because of the negative effects on your heart. A recent study suggests that it isn’t only the saturated fats and cholesterol in red meat that makes it dangerous. The danger comes from a chemical called TMAO, which bacteria excrete in the stomach of meat-eaters. TMAO levels are highest in people who eat red meat often.

Tattoo regret. Approximately 100,000 people try to get their ink removed every year. Home remedies can be dangerous and ineffective. The FDA supports laser removal, a process that can be expensive and painful.


By Laura Jungreis