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Cheers and Jeers

hands_clappingCheers to…

Apps that help track fitness. For those with smart phones, there are tons of free apps available that can help you map out a diet plan and track your exercise. Check out some of the options here.

Meditation, which might improve your test scores. According to researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara, mindfulness training can help students boost their test scores. The study found that 48 students who went through two weeks of meditation classes scored higher on the GREs—up to 520 from 460. Researchers believe mind-wandering is detrimental to test taking, and practicing meditation improves focus.

Jeers to…

The flu, which is making a comeback in Central New York. Although cases of the flu have decreased lately nationwide, the number is peaking again near Syracuse. Nearly 100 cases of the flu were reported to the Onondaga County Health Department last week. Be sure to wash your hands to avoid catching the bug.

The H7N9 avian flu virus, which has killed 4 people in China. This strain has not been seen in humans before, and Chinese authorities are searching to find the source. There are 11 reported cases of the avian flu. Read more here

By Laura Jungreis