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For All Those Internet Addicts…

person-at-computerIn the past 24 hours, I have spent 7 hours and 6 minutes on the internet and 1 hour and 24 minutes on Facebook. And that’s only counting the time I spent on my laptop. I’d like to think that some of my Facebook minutes were counted during classes where I leave the page open, but I’m sure a good amount were accumulated when I was trying to write a paper last night.

For me and many people I know, time is more valuable than cash. We’re up late, awake early, and left wishing there was an eighth day of the week. An extra 1 hour and 24 minutes a day could be the difference between meeting an assignment’s deadline and missing it. If you find time slipping through your fingers because of your internet habits, check out the following tools to help track where you’re losing the most time:

8aweek: This Firefox plugin will provide a chart showing all the websites you’ve visited in the past 24 hours and how much time you’ve spent on each. If you’d like the plugin to be a little more pushy, it will also tell you when you’ve spent too much time on sites you’ve told it to restrict, or even block them for you.

RescueTime: Similar to 8aweek, the RescueTime application is a free download for Windows and Mac. In addition to tracking website use, the app will also track your use of other desktop applications.

TimeRabbit: This Windows app logs how much time you spend on Facebook. The timekeeper stops five seconds after you navigate away from the site and can detect when you’re idle. If you’re brave enough to see exactly how many of your minutes are lost to Facebook, this could be the app for you.

Chronos for iOS : If you feel like you need an app to track how you’re spending your time in general, not just on Facebook, try Chronos for iOS. This app currently requires users to connect through Facebook, but promises to never post to your or your friends’ walls. It automatically categorizes your time as sleep, home, work, social, exercise and in-transit. When you first download the app you are able to set goals for how much time you spend doing each of the categories.

If you’re more aware of how you spend your time online, maybe you’ll be motivated to close that tab and focus on your assignments!

By Juliana LaBianca

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