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Captain Crash Diet

grapefruitAny fellow pinner can understand the powerful influence Pinterest can have over a person’s — okay, let’s be honest — a girl’s decisions-making process. SU’s campus proves to be no exception: not long after pins about the new “3-Day Military Diet” fad started to appear did grapefruits start to disappear from the produce section at Tops.

Promising a weight loss of 5-10 pounds over three days, buzz over this military diet has quickly spread throughout SU. It calls for three meals a day, barring all snacks and drinks, except for water.

Websites explaining the diet claim it is a plan used by the military and attribute its pound-shedding powers to the chemical composition of the foods being consumed. Sounds more like a glorified crash diet than anything, but the results of three SU students gauge its effectiveness more credibly than anything else:

  • Our first SU student successfully completed the diet and, at a starting weight of 133, lost six pounds. She is currently doing the diet again.
  • The next student lost 8 pounds by the end of day 2 and decided to call it off for fear she would lose an unhealthy amount of weight had she completed it.
  • Our final student made it all the way until the last meal before giving in. This student felt “cleansed” but did not see any change on the scale.

Because the caloric intake of each day is still around 1,000 calories, calling it a full-bred crash diet might be extreme, but there are more sustainable diets to be tried. If you are tempted to try this diet, it won’t kill you. However, the weight that you will lose, if any, will probably creep back onto the scale after day three is over… and is cottage cheese really worth that?

By Brigid Demko

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