Raw vs Cooked…Which is Healthier For Your Veggies?

cooking-vegetablesHave you ever heard that some vegetables are more nutritious raw than cooked? Well, studies have shown that it goes both ways. Some vegetables are actually healthier for you when cooked than when raw. But it varies from veggie to veggie. Here’s a list to help you decide whether to cook your vegetables or leave ’em raw.

• Asparagus: Always keep this one cooked, as it heightens the cancer-fighting potential it has.

•Beets: This one should stay raw. When cooked, beets lose 25 percent of their folate, an important vitamin.

• Broccoli: Believe it or not, this one should stay raw. Studies have shown that cooking broccoli deactivates its myrosinase, an enzyme that helps the liver clean itself of carcinogens.

• Mushrooms: Eat ‘em cooked. When cooked, the muscle-building potassium in mushrooms  is enhanced.

• Peppers: Go raw! These guys lose their Vitamin C when cooked above 375 degrees.

• Spinach: It’s actually better cooked than used raw in a salad. When you eat cooked spinach, your body absorbs more of its calcium, iron, and magnesium.

• Tomatoes: Another shocker — they’re healthier when cooked. The cancer-fighting nutrient lycopene in tomatoes is more absorbent in your body when cooked.

Follow these guidelines for veggies, and you’ll soon be on your way to the healthiest version of you.

By Aisling Williams

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