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Tummy Troubles

FE_PR_120330indigestion425x281Ever find that your stomach aches at the most inconvenient times? You’re about to take a test, and all of a sudden cramps fill your stomach as it is being passed out? If this sounds familiar, look no further. Here are some common causes and solutions for the top tummy troubles in your life.

1. Get ready to rumble. You know, the kind below the waist. You think, well I didn’t have Mexican for dinner tonight, so what’s the cause? Well, even though you may have eaten a healthy dinner it doesn’t mean you get rewarded with easy digestion. A lot of foods high in protein, like beans and broccoli, are good nutritionally but hard on the colon, causing gas. It’s even worse if you’re a fast eater. How to avoid it? Try enzymes. The pill form will help, and even consider taking one before a meal to play it safe. Also be sure to eat small bites, avoid liquids with carbonation, and avoid straws, which bring in more air — the last thing you need!

2. Cramping up. It’s time for a big test, a long drive, or an interview, and you start experiencing cramping — but it’s not the menstrual kind. Was it something you ate? Maybe bad leftovers? No. Usually cramping is caused by stress. Any kind of anxiety causes your stomach digestion to slow down and your intestines to contract. Here’s how to solve the problem: Skip the coffee, as lots of caffeine can exaggerate cramps. Instead look for water or chamomile tea, which will calm your stomach.

3. The 5-meter dash, every 5 minutes. You feel clammy, crampy, and basically just miserable. You’re thinking it’s the flu, but it very well could be food poisoning. More common than not, food poisoning is caused when you swallow food containing things such as E.coli or salmonella. That’s followed by flu-like symptoms such as fever, headache, chills, and diarrhea. Sadly there is no quick fix for food poisoning; you have to wait it out, making sure to hydrate regularly. Luckily, the symptoms don’t last nearly as long as the flu.

By Aisling Williams

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