The Healthy Fork

hapiforkWe’ve all had one of those days where we wake up late so we have to eat breakfast on the go. It turns out, eating quickly is actually bad for your digestion and also makes you more inclined to choose an unhealthy option. It takes around 20 minutes for your body to even realize that it’s full, but luckily there’s a new way to make sure you slow down while you eat.

The HAPIfork is a new invention which uses a bluetooth system to measure how fast you eat. If you lift the fork too fast to your mouth, the fork will vibrate to tell you to slow down. If you connect it to a computer, the fork can also show you how fast you ate your last meal.

Benefits of slowing down:

1. It improves your digestion: The longer you take to chew certain foods, such as nuts, the more your body is able to absorb the food’s nutrients. It can also prevent stomach aches and bloating.

2. It helps you lost weight: You will feel fuller sooner. If you eat fast then you may not think to stop yourself from eating those extra bites, or from getting seconds. Research proves that those who eat quickly intake 3.5 times more calories than those who eat slowly.

3. You’ll eat healthier: When you slow down, you taste your food. You will be less likely to eat mindlessly. If you eat slowly while eating junk food, you will realize that it starts to taste bland after the first few bites and that healthy food actually tastes better.

4. You’ll feel better: If you take the time to enjoy your food, chances are that you might actually even feel happier. Take the time to eat with friends and socialize while sitting down in a relaxed environment.

Other tips:

• Don’t eat while you’re distracted. It will only make you eat faster.

• Put down your fork and knife after each few bites.

• Eat healthy snacks in between meals to prevent you from overeating junk food later on.

By Ediva Zanker

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