General Health

Daily Dose: 2/18/2013

dailydoseA New Treatment for the Blind: Researchers have created an “artificial retina,” a bundle of electrodes implanted in the eye. This system allows visual input to go around the damaged part of the retina and straight into the brain, allowing the blind to see the outlines of objects, the presence of people and cars, and possibly even large letters on a sign. The FDA approved this technology last week, and the 50 patients who have used the treatment in trials call it “life-changing.”

Cool it with the Spices: Evidence suggests that eating a spicy meal within a few hours of going to sleep may actually cause intense, detailed nightmares. Our bodies have to work harder to digest spicy food, which disrupts sleep. Certain people may be more sensitive to spicy foods than others, but doctors recommend avoiding food — both mild and spicy — in the two or three hours before bedtime.

Diet Sodas and Alcohol Don’t Mix: A new study indicates that those who drink diet sodas with their alcohol actually get drunk faster. Regular sodas have sugar, while diet sodas have sugar substitutes. The presence of sugar actually slows down the effects of alcohol, while diet soda quickly passes through the stomach and puts the alcohol right into your bloodstream. Keep this in mind next time you’re at the bar.