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Avoid Post Holiday Wallet Trauma

shopping-bagDid Black Friday and Cyber Monday take a toll on your bank account? Resisting holiday sales can be harder than resisting a second piece of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. And now that the holiday season is upon us, buying gifts can create a pretty big dent in your wallet. So whether you’re buying a gift for your sister, father, best friend, cousin, grandparents, boyfriend, or coworker, these budget-conscious gift ideas will make the holidays easier and cheaper for you.

Send E-cards. E-Cards are delivered instantly through email, and you can find some for free. No need to pay for postage, and no need to send your card days in advanced. E-cards are more entertaining, may contain music, and are customizable. They are an easy way to spread the holiday cheer. There are a variety of free e-card websites including,, and

The Gift of Downloads. Most people today have a smart phone, tablet, or computer. The gift of a download is a creative alternative to a regular gift card. You can buy thousands of apps, e-books, movies, music downloads, and games with this type of giftcard. With just a $10 gift card you can buy many downloads. They cost less than buying an actual book, CD, movie, or video game. Some websites you can gift from include iTunes and Amazon.

Magazine Subscriptions. These are a fun gift to give. Subscriptions can cost as little at $5 for a whole year’s worth of magazines. There are hundreds of different types of magazine you can choose from, so you’re bound to find one for everyone on your list!

Photo Gifts. Photo websites like and provide simple, customizable photo gifts for family and friends.  You can use your own photos to make hundreds of different types of gifts, and most are under $20. Some customizable items include photo albums, calendars, key chains, posters, t-shirts, water bottles, and phone cases.

Time. Spending time with someone is the best gift you can give him or her. Suggest going out to dinner, or plan a movie and popcorn night. Many people are tightening their wallets this holiday season, so spending time together is an easy gift for everyone.

One last tip for keeping within your holiday budget is to only shop at stores that are offering sales, free shipping, and free returns. These are easy ways to save extra dollars. Also, search for coupons online to the stores that you want to shop in. You’ll be surprised how many stores offer promotions at online coupon websites.

Avoid the post holiday stress, and save money by following these easy tips. You’ll enjoy the season even more!

By Melina Martino

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