Healthy Hot Cocoa


Ditch the whipped cream, the marshmallows and lastly, ditch the syrupy chocolate sauce. You can still drink your favorite holiday staple, hot chocolate, and be healthy. Whether you’re sitting in the ski lodge over winter break, or sitting at home curled up by the fireplace, make yourself a cup. Extra sugary hot chocolate packs on calories, so try these healthier options instead:

  1. Swiss Miss Sensible Sweets: Opt for the packaging that say “no sugar added.” It has the same amount of calcium as a glass of milk. For once, no sugar does not mean gross tasting. This brand is perfect if you want a warm cup of cocoa with only 60 calories.
  2. Scharffen Berger Natural Cocoa Powder Sweeted: If you were hoping for a sweeter cocoa this winter, try this one. One cup has 10 percent of your daily iron, which you need to keep your immune system strong, and it only has 10 grams of sugar. It is a bit pricier than other hot chocolates, but when your health is a factor, it’s worth it!
  3. Creamy, without the cream: Try Whole Foods brand “Organic Hot Cocoa Mix Rich Chocolate Flavor.” Mix this brand with water, and it will still taste creamy and delicious. Its hint of vanilla makes it extra flavorful.
  4. Make It From Scratch: Ditch the pre-packaged recipes and make this for yourself instead. Use 2 cups of rice milk, 2 teaspoons of organic sugar or sugar substitute, and 2 teaspoons of 70 percent dark chocolate cocoa. The higher the percentage, the healthier it will be. Mix all the ingredients together in a pot.

Whether you make hot cocoa from the package, or whip up your own blend, hot cocoa definitely warms the soul. Look great and feel healthy with delicious tasting hot chocolate this winter!

By Ediva Zanker

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