General Health

Cheers and Jeers

Cheers to…

Dimming the lights, which might keep you from overeating. Researchers at Cornell University found that people who ate meals in darker atmospheres, such as by candlelight, took in 175 fewer calories than those eating under bright lights. The dim diners ate 18 percent less. Read more about easy ways to trim calories from your diet this holiday season here.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, for fighting teen pregnancy. The Academy hopes doctors will start providing Plan B emergency contraception to teenagers before they need it, just as a precaution. Eighty percent of teen pregnancies are unplanned in the US, the Academy says, and result from contraception failure or non-use. Access to Plan B might help reduce unwanted teen pregnancies.

Jeers to…

Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd., for distributing potentially harmful medication. The pharmaceutical company has recalled more than 40 lots of its generic Lipitor drug for containing glass particles. An investigation is underway. The FDA has no reported injuries. Get more details about the recall here.

Malaria, which is making a comeback in Greece. Scientists say Greek officials must spray insecticides, eliminate stagnant waters, track mosquitoes as well as those already infected with the disease. The malaria endemic in Greece ended officially in 1974, but 40 recent cases have the medical community worried.

By Laura Jungreis