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The 5 Top Ways to Reduce Eye Puffiness

Do you constantly wake up with puffy eyes in the morning? Don’t worry — puffy eyes are actually a very common problem and there are many causes for it, as well as ways to prevent it. Here are the top five ways to avoid puffy eyes in the morning!

1. Try and sleep on your back at night. For those stomach sleepers out there, you sadly might have to change your ways. Why? Because fluid often collects and pools underneath your eyes if you choose to sleep on your sides or on your stomach. Think you might have trouble? Here’s a tip: Rest a pillow on either side of your head to keep it from moving around while sleeping!

2. Prop your head up, but not so much that it’s uncomfortable. Usually one extra pillow beneath your head will do the trick. You need just a slight elevation to keep fluid from building up in your face and head and draining back to your body!

3. Use a cold compress on your eyes. Either cold teabags or just a wet washcloth will work. Place on the eyes for 10 minutes or so to reduce swelling on and around the eyes, and repeat as needed.

4. Stay hydrated. Avoid things that could dehydrate you and may subsequently cause the body to have retain fluid. One of the main places extra fluid is retained? The head and face, causing headaches and pressure on the sinuses, eyes included. Be sure to cut back on salt, caffeine, and, yes, even alcohol. Most importantly, drink lots of water!

5. In extreme cases, you can get surgery. If you feel your undereye puffiness is too much to handle, or unavoidable, cosmetic surgery is available. A blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, can be performed to remove any excess skin or fat underneath the eyes that is causing puffiness.

By Aisling Williams

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