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DIY Moisturizers for Dry Skin

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, which means winter is right around the corner. Though Syracuse has had a few nice warm days, the dry winter is inevitable. Don’t lock yourself inside all winter with a cup of hot cocoa in the hopes of avoiding the cold. Get outside and still enjoy beautiful radiant skin with these tips on scrubs you can make at home to soothe dry skin.

Scrubs to Try:

1. Make this scrub only once or twice a month: Combine a teaspoon of oil with a teaspoon of sugar. The sugar will act as an exfoliant and soothe your skin while the olive oil will make your skin feel soft. Let the sugar dissolve before directly applying it to your skin. If you want to make a scrub for the shower, you can add a few drops of coconut oil to make your skin smell amazing!

2. Mix oatmeal with yogurt in equal quantities. The oatmeal will slough away your dry skin and reveal a layer of soft skin. If you’re not keen to putting it on your face, eating yogurt is a smart choice because the protein is good for keeping your skin looking healthy. Or try Sephora’s already made “Korres Yoghurt Instant Soothing Gel.”

3. Kiss winter hello with beautiful moist lips. For chapped lips, microwave a spoonful of honey and then stir in almond or olive oil. Add a drop of lemon juice and two tablespoons of sugar. This is a great tasting Chapstick that will counteract the winter harshness.

4. If you have used ground up coffee beans, use them for a scrub. Mix them with a 1/2 cup of honey and fresh orange zest.

After using a scrub, remember to moisturize your skin with a gentle lotion. Scrubs can be harsh on sensitive skin so make sure you are only using a scrub once or twice a week.

By Ediva Zanker

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