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Home for the Holidays

“What time will you be home?” my mom asked as I picked up her car keys and started to head out the door. I hadn’t had to answer that question since August, and somehow it had gotten to be November and I was home for Thanksgiving.

The first night I wasn’t really sure how to answer. Did she just want a benchmark, or did she expect it to be before 2 in the morning? Did she want me to text her when I got where I was going? Should I warn her that I was going to forget?

Coming home for Thanksgiving should be a relief, not a power struggle with your parents or an enormous fight with your friends. While you can’t predict exactly what will happen, keep these points in mind and remember to stay patient.

Parents aren’t sure how to act either. After clicking around different websites and chat boards for parents, I can tell you that there is more advice about handling Thanksgiving break out there for them than there is for you. There are more parents consulting others on whether or not curfews should be upheld than there are college students asking other college students about how to get out of having one.

Make sure that before you go out for a wild night at home, you tell your parents you’ll be out late before you wind up across town with no ride home at 3AM. If they expect you to text or call, try to do that for them. If they expect you home at a certain time, try to compromise certain days you can be out later.

Friends may or may not change. Somehow the dynamic in my high school friend group is the exact same one that existed in junior year of high school. I’m not sure how that happened, but for most people it won’t. You may notice your group of close friends from home getting smaller, and you have to accept that. If there’s someone you really want to see make it a point to reach out to them. The breaks you have in college will be short, and you should not be wasting time with unimportant people. Expect people to change and be patient with them.

Family dinner. Have some interesting G-rated stories prepared for Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone will ask you the same questions, and sometimes they’ll want to hear more than about how everything is “good.”

Remember, you have finals soon! But don’t expect that you’re going to study for them. Also, don’t even pack the notes you need for that essay you think you’re going to write on the plane. You’re exhausted, and you’re going to sleep for 75% of the ride. Actually, you’re going to sleep for 75% of Thanksgiving break.

By Juliana LaBianca

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