Home is Where the Heart (Rate) Is

Getting yourself to the gym is not easy. In fact, the hardest part of working out is often just getting off your couch and into the weight room. But recently, with the revolution of home fitness DVDs, it’s possible to get a calorie-burning, muscle-shredding workout in the comfort of your own home. Two of the most popular and effective home fitness programs are P90X and Insanity. But which program is right for you?

What’s your goal? If your goal is to lose weight and improve your cardiovascular health, you definitely want to go with Insanity. While the P90X program does feature some cardio components, Insanity’s main focus is on melting away calories to sculpt a thinner, firmer body. Conversely, if your goal is to build lean muscle, than P90X is for you, as it contains a variety of weight lifting and resistance training exercises.

What do you have to work with? One of the great things about Insanity is that it requires literally no equipment to get the “insane” results that the program promises. In order to use P90X, though, you need a pull-up bar along with resistance bands and/or a set of dumbbells. P90X also recommends that you have a pair of yoga blocks and push-up bars. While this equipment is not hard to acquire, it can put a dent in your bank account and take up extra space in your house.

How much time to you have? The average Insanity workout is 60 minutes, while the average P90X workout is 75 minutes. However, this is primarily due to the fact that P90x is a program based primarily on building muscle, and effective strength training workouts generally take longer than effective cardio workouts. Additionally, the entire Insanity program takes 60 days to complete, while the P90X program takes (you guessed it) 90 days.

Some other things to know: Both Insanity and P90X require that you work out 6 days a week, leaving you with only one day of rest. Also, both programs come with their own customized nutrition plan to help optimize your results. Finally, both programs cost the same: $119.85 (plus shipping and handling).

Ultimately, both of these programs can help you take significant leaps towards your fitness goals. “I can’t get to the gym” is no longer an excuse to not work out — so, as P90x trainer Tony Horton says, get off of the couch and “Bring It!”

Want to learn more about either of these programs? Check out their official websites!



By Gabe Sansone