Fight the Thanksgiving Bulge

It’s hard enough going home for Thanksgiving and being surrounded by those home cooked meals you’ve been dreaming of, but adding mashed potatoes and stuffing to the plate makes the meal even harder to resist. No need to feel guilty about eating Thanksgiving dinner — just don’t let your exercise routine waver just because you may not have a gym available.

No Gym?

1. Thanksgiving often means extended family is coming to town, so take the opportunity to catch up with them on a walk! It’s a perfect opportunity to get some exercise and show them where you live.

2. Think you can only run on a treadmill or an elliptical? False! Take your dog and go for a run outside. The fresh air will feel amazing, and you’ll have some quality-time with your pooch.

3. If you’re not a runner, there are plenty of DVDs or videos on Youtube for you and your family to try out. Try a dance video: It will make you laugh and sweat.

4. All you need is a wall: while everyone’s mingling in the kitchen, do a wall sit for two minutes!

5. This break is a perfect time to start a new routine! Every night before you to bed do 100 crunches.

Have a gym?

1. Go workout with your friends that you haven’t seen in three months! There are a ton of partner moves you can do: abs passing the ball back and forth, arm workouts, etc. Plus, the drive there and back gives you time to catch up.

2. Start a new family tradition: On Thanksgiving morning, before the festivities begin, go to the gym as a family! That way you won’t feel nearly as guilty putting those potatoes on your plate.

3. With no homework or early morning classes, get in the habit of waking up early and workout. It gives you the rest of the day to socialize and relax!

4. Have a great break and come back to school feeling great!

By Olivia M. Bowser


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