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Declutter Your Life – Starting With Your Bedroom

One of the easiest ways to increase productivity and peace of mind is to keep an uncluttered and organized bedroom. As college students trying to maintain as much productivity as possible, it is important to make sure our bedrooms aren’t distracting us, but keeping us focused instead.

The next time you have a break from class, target one of these areas in your bedroom where clutter has a sneaky way of piling up. In just a few weeks you can have new systems of organization in place to reduce that clutter.

  1. Your filing system. With a full schedule of classes, school-related papers multiplies on the daily. To make sure your papers don’t wind up getting lost on the floor, buy a clear, envelope folder for each of your classes. Slip the class syllabus into the front of the envelope, and keep all of your class handouts and graded assignments behind it. Bring the folders for the classes you have to campus each day and you will always be prepared for class.
  2. Your computer. You can’t see the clutter on your computer, but you know it’s there. Take a lazy afternoon to come up with folders that match your classes and other projects. Go through what you’ve previously been dragging onto your desktop and make a folder for the types of things that come up a lot. Save and close your files when you’re done working with them instead of leaving them all open. You won’t even have to leave your bed!
  3. Your hamper and drawers. The main source of clutter in my own bedroom is my clothing. I’ll try on about five outfits every morning and after choosing one, leave the rest on the floor as I fly out the door. While I’m sure some people advocate for elaborate closet organization, I just make sure my dirty clothes are in the hamper and my clean clothes are sorted very basically (shirts, pants, sweatshirts, skirts, etc.). As long as the clothes are off the floor and there’s not a complete mess in your drawers, you will still feel organized and in control.
  4. Your bed. My mom always makes her bed and until this year I never fully understood why. I promise that if you make your bed right after you get out of it, you will be more likely to keep the other areas of your bedroom tidy and uncluttered. If your bed is already made and you throw three pairs of jeans on it while you’re trying to get dressed, you will definitely be more likely to take the time to fold those jeans and put them in the drawer instead of leaving them,

Keeping your room uncluttered does not have to be time consuming, and you do not need to turn into the type of person who alphabetizes their books in order to do it. Take about five minutes each night to tidy up your room and you will feel calmer and more ready to take on the day.

By Juliana LaBianca

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