How to Resist Temptation during the Holidays

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, there are constant temptations around every corner from  Thanksgiving until after the New Year has begun. It is two months full of parties and occasions that usually involve a lot of food! It is important to watch what you are eating during this time to avoid those extra pounds. Here are some tips for keeping weight off during the holiday season:

  • Portion Sizes: You can enjoy your favorite foods; just try not to over-indulge. Take just the right amount of foods to keep you satisfied.
  • Know Your Limits: Pay attention to the signals you body is sending you so that you can know when you are satisfied and no longer hungry.
  • Don’t Go to Parties Hungry: By doing this, you are most likely to eat more than you should. Try having a small snack or drink a glass of water before arriving so that you don’t eat everything that is offered to you.
  • Make Goals: Who says you have to wait until New Years to make goals for yourself? If you want to keep weight off, write down how you plan to achieve those goals and stick to it!
  • Fight the Temptation: By making goals and avoiding overeating you are more likely to be able to resist temptation. It is okay to say no to your neighbor’s chocolate mousse. Politely mention that you are full and you will gladly try it later.
  • Make the Right Choices: When you are cooking, try to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into the recipe. And when you are cooking, look for healthier substitutes for ingredients in your recipes. This can lower the calories and fat in a lot of your favorite foods!

With a positive attitude and these tips, you will be on your way to not only keeping the weight off this holiday season, but possibly putting yourself on the right track to continuing these habits all year round! Happy Holidays!

By Amber Jones

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