5 Things You Can Do With Apples

With apple season coming to an end, it is the perfect time to buy up the last few bags at the grocery store and do something special! Apples are a great source of nutrients and fiber, and with a few ingredients, you can create memorable fall treats for you and all your friends.

1. All-American Apple Pie

Nothing says apple season like all-American apple pie. It is festive, delicious, and easy to put together. This apple pie recipe is super simple to make and when served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, the perfect end to a fall meal.

2. Apple Sauce

Applesauce is synonymous with fall and cozy holiday dinners. It tastes amazing by itself, served next to pork chops, or spooned into oatmeal for a quick, sweet breakfast. Ina Garten’s applesauce recipe is simple and highlights the star of the season.

3. Baked Apples

This recipe is for the people who want to make apple pie for only one or two people. Stuffed baked apples give you all the flavors of traditional apple pie, but without the hassle of dealing with piecrust (which saves you calories too!).

4. Homemade Apple Chips

Apple chips are a delicious and healthy snack that is a great replacement for crunchy potato chips. This recipe only calls for a few ingredients and an oven, making them a simple treat that watches not only your waistline, but your wallet as well.

 5. Apple Coleslaw

Summer is never too far away for some, and this apple coleslaw by Wolfgang Puck brings together all the goodness of fall with the tastes of summer. Sweet apple slices play well with the creamy dressing and spicy cabbage. It is so good that you won’t want to wait for summer to enjoy it. 

By Catherine Zymaris

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