Daily Dose: 11/2/2012

Kids Know More Than We Think: A number of studies have shown that adults are more likely to give donations and perform other charitable acts when they know others will see their generosity. It turns out that even 5-year olds know that being generous will make them look good. Kindergarteners were given four stickers and told they could share with a partner – some kids could see each other, while other partners were hidden from view. The kids who could see their partner were more likely to give out stickers; the children whose sharing was hidden did not give out many stickers. Read more about this study here.

Cheater Cheater, Pumpkin Eater: When we think of cheating in a relationship, we are quick to assume that the man is to blame. New statistics actually show that women are almost as likely as men to cheat in a relationship, with 19% of women and 23% of men admitting to infidelity. The most surprising thing about these numbers? They’ve increased by about 5% since a similar study from 2010, just two years ago. The most common reason for cheating is being unhappy with your relationship, so it is important to deal with problems in a healthy way.