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Healthy Date Ideas


It’s getting cold in Syracuse, so why not warm up with your significant other? The cold weather might keep you indoors together, but it shouldn’t keep you from staying healthy and active. If you think that pressing buttons on the remote control is a good enough work out, think again! Instead of sitting on the couch eating chips with your special someone, try something good for you.

Scratch the typical dates and stay healthy:

1.Take a dance class together: Salsa and tango are great workouts. Salsa has a backwards step that will tone your legs and work your glutes. It’s also a great form of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. You will burn fat because when your heart rate and breathing increase, more oxygen is being incorporated into your muscles.

2. Wii fit: This is perfect for a night in! There are over 40 exercises including weight training activities and yoga. For best results work out for 30 minutes to an hour. Get competitive and have fun with it! Or if you feel like leaving the house, go take a kickboxing class.

3. Take a cooking class or make a healthy dinner for two: There are hundreds of recipes for healthy and romantic dinner ideas online on websites like CookingLight. Make some grilled shrimp and green beans or chicken with sage and polenta. There are also vegetarian and vegan meal ideas online. For dessert ,split a mango smoothie or a sweet mixed berry sorbet. Here is the recipe:!2643/raspberry-kirsch-sorbet

4. Drink some red wine and eat some chocolate: A glass of wine can lower your blood pressure, and chocolate can improve your mood. Also, staying in and taking a day off from your busy schedule can be just as healthy for you as doing something active, if your body and mind need it.

5. Walk for a cause: If there’s something that you are both passionate about, sign up to walk for a cause. Or run a marathon together, take a hike, walk your dogs, anything that will get you outdoors in the fresh air. Exercise can also boost your mood, so why not do it with somebody you like?

Whether you end up staying in or going out, always keep your health in check!

By Ediva Zanker

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