Daily Dose: 11/1/12

Workout Without the Gym: Dread going to the gym for a workout? The American College of Sports Medicine says one of the biggest fitness trends is using your own body weight to exercise. In body weight training, your own weight is used as the source of resistance for strength training and muscle endurance. Trainers say this is an economical way to stay in shape because it requires minimal equipment and many of the exercises can be done at home, avoiding high gym membership fees.

Flavonoids May Fight Cancer: Women may be at a decreased risk for stomach cancer if they get a moderate amount of plant substances (flavonoids) in their diet, according to a European study. Women who consumed the highest amount of flavonoids were half as likely to develop the disease as women who did not consume as much. Lead study author Raul Zamora-Ros said a flavonoid-rich diet is based on plant foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and whole grain cereals. Following this diet and consuming less red meat can reduce the risk of contracting stomach cancer. Women who consumed over 580 mg of flavonoids daily had a 51 percent lower risk of developing stomach cancer than women consuming 200 mg each day. Study authors said individual risk depends on obesity, whether the person smokes or drinks and how much red meat the person consumes.  They agreed that a healthy diet and lifestyle are essential in reducing the risk of stomach cancer.