Cheers and Jeers

Cheers to…

The American Academy of Pediatrics, for encouraging schools to classify cheerleading as a sport. Since 1980, the number of injuries resulting from cheerleading has quadrupled. The acrobatics now normal in cheers should require more safety rules and supervision. Read more here.

Changes to Medicare, which will benefit disabled patients. Previously, certain rehabilitations covered by Medicare were only continuously covered if the patient showed improvement. But many patients with chronic diseases are unable to improve, and a new agreement will stretch Medicare to cover these rehabs. Get more details about the agreement here.


Jeers to…

Fries and chips, which might be linked to low birth weights in babies. A study conducted by Barcelona’s Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology found that pregnant women who ate large amounts of fried potatoes were harming their babies as much as moms who smoked. Acrylamide, a chemical found in fried potatoes, has been linked to low birth weights and smaller heads. Learn more here.

Ineffective warning labels, which are not preventing children from swallowing magnets. High-powered magnets were marketed towards adults as desk toys, but somehow have wound up in the stomaches of many kids. If a child swallows more than one of the magnets, they will be attracted to each other inside the stomach and bowel and can tear holes through the tissue. Eighty percent of kids who swallow these high-powered magnets need surgery or an endoscopy. Read more here.


By Laura Jungreis