Fit Some Fitness Into Your Day

We all have those days when we’re just too busy to go to the gym. But it’s easy to squeeze in some exercise without having to schedule it into your day. Try some of these ideas to get moving!

  • Want to talk to your mom? Instead of sitting down at the computer to Skype, talk on the phone while you go for a walk! You’ll be getting some exercise without even realizing it.
  • When you’re hanging out with a friend, don’t just sit on her bed and talk — walk down to Marshall Street and get a coffee at Starbucks, then go find a bench on the quad to sit and people watch. Or if you’re both into exercising, take a fitness class together.
  •  If you have a bunch of notes or charts to memorize, you may as well memorize them while walking 3 mph on the treadmill.
  • Have a friend quiz you on the notes you studied while you do lunges or squats. Make yourself do a burpee every time you get a term wrong.
  • If you just want to relax and read a magazine, read one on the stationary bike! Just put it on high resistance; you’ll be so into what you’re reading that you’ll forget you’re at the gym.
  • Switch up your dinner location; if you live in BBB or on the Mount, go to Ernie Davis for dinner.
  • If you live on South campus and it’s nice out, walk back from class! It’s only a mile from the quad and the leaves in autumn make for a gorgeous walk.

Now that you have some ideas, there’s no reason not to squeeze in some exercise!

By Olivia M. Bowser

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