Daily Dose: 10/19/12

Multivitamins May Reduce Cancer Risk: Many studies have questioned whether or not taking a daily vitamin can prevent chronic disease, often with contradictory results. In a recent study lasting more than a decade, researchers tested the effects of multivitamins on cancer, with promising results. Participants who took a daily multivitamin had an 8% lower chance of developing cancer than those who took a placebo. Those involved with the study caution that although there was definitely a statistically significant reduction in cancer, there are other health measures that are much more effective, such as not smoking and maintaining a healthy diet.

Cranberry Isn’t the Answer to UTIs: Girls out there, we all know what we’re supposed to do to prevent UTIs or to make them go away if they develop — drink lots of cranberry juice. But in a recent study, researchers discovered that cranberry products, such as juice or capsules, only have small health benefits, and only for women who often have UTIs. For women who had recurrent UTIs, they had to drink two glasses of cranberry juice per day to stop just one infection, but this isn’t something many women are likely to commit to.