Healthy Breakfast Ideas

When you go to grab a doughnut with pink frosting, colored sprinkles, and a sweet glaze, remember that it will only make you crash later on. Growing up, I am sure your parents would force you to eat breakfast in the morning so you would do well in school. It turns out that you shouldn’t eat just anything for breakfast. High calorie breakfasts can actually worsen your concentration, so be wary of what you eat before a test. Also, be cautious of how you eat in the morning. Try to always sit and eat instead of eating on the go. If you eat while you are moving around, you may feel like you didn’t even eat a meal.

Here are some breakfast ideas that will keep your brain and stomach satisfied!

  1. Whole wheat pita with Avocado: Avocados increase blood flow which will helps keep your brain concentrated during those rough mornings. Also, the whole wheat grains from the pita bread contain healthy vitamin E. Add grilled red peppers and some feta cheese for some savory flavor.
  2. There’s a common misconception that egg whites are always healthier for you. It turns out that eating one whole egg is healthier than eating two egg whites. The yolk of the egg is vital for fat breakdown. Try an omelet with fresh vegetables in the morning.
  3. If you’re in a rush and toast is the fastest thing to make yourself in Ernie Davis, you may be forced with the decisions to choose between a piece of multigrain toast and a piece of whole wheat toast. The slice of whole wheat bread is the better option. Multigrain toast may still contain refined grains which will not keep you satisfied later on. If you can, try and make yourself a whole wheat tortilla banana and peanut butter wrap!
  4. Peanut butter is a great source of protein. Mix 2 tablespoons into your oatmeal and top with a scoop of protein powder or chia seeds to help you feel full longer throughout the day. If you don’t like peanut butter, almond butter provides even more calcium and fiber.
  5. Protein is so important for breakfast because it is digested slower than carbs, which means your sugar levels are leveled off, keeping you satisfied. Try eating soy or turkey sausage or low-fat yogurt.

By Ediva Zanker

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