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A Green Addition to Campus

Have you headed over to grab a drink from a familiar water fountain on campus and seen a funky-looking addition?

Our campus has started installation of these bottle-filling stations by Elkay, referred to as EZH20. “The water bottle filling stations provide an easy and cheap way to drink more water without the environmental impacts of plastic bottles,” says Emma Edwards, the founder of SU’s Sustainability Club and someone who had a big part in bringing these water fountains to our campus.  Here are some of the benefits of this new system:

It’s 3 times faster than a traditional drinking fountain. Let’s be real — you don’t usually get more than a sip of water from a traditional system anyway.

• It’s one-handed, making it much more convenient than trying to awkwardly bend over to reach a traditional water fountain with your backpack on and your phone in one hand.

There’s “minimal splash,” according Elkay website, saving you the awkward moment when you return to class with a soaking wet shirt.

• It’s more sanitary. It has a sensor so there’s no need for touching—just place your water bottle, preferably a reusable one, underneath the spout and let it quickly fill up

• It’s greener. Not only does it encourage the use of reusable water bottles, but it also has a feature called the Innovative Green Ticker, which counts the quantity of plastic bottles saved from landfills with the use of the product.

• It saves you money. Using a reusable bottle can save you loads of cash, as bottled water is now more expensive per gallon than gasoline.

• Less water is wasted. All the water goes straight into your bottle and there’s an automatic shut-off system.

With this said, grab a water bottle when you’re headed out the door and use this great new campus feature that’s clean, green, and pristine!

By Shweta Shreyarthi

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