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Why You Should Try Meditation

It’s been a week or so since His Holiness the Dalai Lama visited Syracuse University, leaving us with a message of peace and inner happiness. A lot has happened in that week (midterms, anyone?), and I’m sure that many of us have already forgotten the lessons the Dalai Lama taught.

To get back into that peaceful mindset, why not pick up some new practices that promote a healthy mind and healthy body? With the stressfulness of college life, one of the best things can be to step back and take a minute to yourself. This doesn’t mean sitting alone in your room with your laptop or your cell phone, but really taking the time to be alone.

The best way to accomplish this is through meditation. Taking time to meditate for about a half hour a day has proven benefits for one’s body and mind: it de-stresses, allows for introspection, and relieves tension.

Meditation involves sitting in silence and clearing one’s mind of all thoughts and concerns. It sounds like a daunting task; is it really possible to forget about all the things you have to do, the assignments you have, the problems in your life? That is exactly the point… Meditation is not supposed to be easy. It requires you to separate yourself from your day and your problems, and put yourself in a more focused mindset.

Don’t think you can jump right into all-out meditation? There are many ways to ease into it. Try to meditate with some light, instrumental music that will help you focus on your breathing and keep you out of your own thoughts. Even simpler — try to take a half hour each day to disconnect yourself from technology. This may not be meditation in a traditional sense, but turning off your phone, computer, and TV can put you in a more relaxed and focused state of mind.

So during these hectic midterms, try to incorporate some meditation into your everyday life. You will be sure to notice a calmer and more laid-back you!

By Marisa DeCandido

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