Student Life

Finding Your Balance from A to Chi: Prioritizing Your Life

College is supposed to be the best four years of your life, so why not love every minute of it? 

Now that you are in college, you must learn to balance the different aspects of your life. While in high school your parents may have regulated which activities you were involved in, when it was time to do homework, or what days you could hang out with friends, in college these are all decisions you must make on your own. Even though this freedom may seem liberating, understanding how to live a balanced lifestyle is easier said than done. You must learn how to say “no” to certain things, and prioritize the various elements in your life.

When people generally think about prioritizing, social events tend to be excluded. Because what’s wrong with having too much fun, right? While I always say a balanced lifestyle requires both work and play, understanding how to pick and choose which activities you attend is key. Especially throughout the school week, socializing can monopolize the time you would spend getting homework and other work done. By maintaining a schedule and staying on top of your work, you will be able to complete assignments in a timely manner, as well as free up some time to hang out with friends. Not only will you be less stressed going forward, but you will also be able to have those moments within the week to just relax and enjoy with the people you love.

Coming into college, the extracurricular options can be very daunting. Who knew there could be this many clubs and organizations at one university? Even though you may be tempted to sign up for everything “just because,” now is your time to start pinning down your interests and begin building the skill set for your future career. And by picking which activities are the most pertinent to your life, you avoid being completely overwhelmed as the school year wears on.

Even though you may want to do it all here at Syracuse University, sometimes you just have to say “no.” Being able to prioritize and organize the distinct parts of your life is a fundamental skill for the future, and it helps you build the foundation for a balanced and happy lifestyle. These four transitional years are some of the most important, so get involved in the activities you want to get involved in, spend time with people you care most about, and always perform at your highest level.

And by doing these simple things, you are well on your way to striking that perfect harmony in your life.

By Eva Zymaris