Skinny Drinks: The Best Age 21+ Beverages for Your Diet

I don’t believe in the Freshmen 15. Sure, maybe some people gain pounds here and there after the first few months of college, but in my opinion there is a much bigger epidemic on college campuses: the Senior 30. I’m talking about the constant alcohol intake that happens once you turn 21, and packs on so many extra calories that you are forced to wear yoga pants everyday (this could work out in your favor though, since all Syracuse boys apparently love girls in yoga pants).

To avoid this alcohol-induced poundage, consider trading your case of Natty Light for a more refined, and still relatively cheap, beverage that can cut out unwanted calories. Here are some “skinny drinks” to help you feel a little less guilty after the weekend.

Low-Cal Cosmo

Mix raspberry vodka with club soda, a splash of cranberry juice, and a lime wedge. The less fruit juice you put in a mixed drink, the better. Soda and fruit juice is loaded with sugar, and combine that with tons of fruity vodka and you’ve lost count of how many calories you’re consuming. Opt for club soda, which has no calories, sugar-free cranberry juice, and a fresh lime wedge! This can also be substituted with another fruity vodka and a lemon for the same effect.

Gin and Tonic

It seems obvious, but many people will go for a rum and coke or vodka soda before they think of a gin and tonic. It usually only has between 120 and 140 calories, but make it even better by doing gin and club soda with just a splash of tonic.

Champagne With Low-Calorie Fruit Juice

A twist on the beloved Mimosa, try mixing champagne with a light fruit juice or even light OJ. Cutting out some of that extra sugar that some Orange Juice brands have can go a long way.

Sour-Apple Martini

Martinis can be upwards of 250 calories, but a sour apple one only has 166! Mix sour apple liquer, vodka and sour mix for a tart treat.

Vodka and Sprite Zero

Again, you don’t have to stray too far from the usual to achieve skinny drink success. Opt for a vodka and Sprite Zero or Diet Sierra Mist instead of the usual vodka cranberry to cut out up to 100 calories! Don’t feel uncomfortable asking the bartender to switch up your drink…you’ll be glad you did.

By Marisa DeCandido

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