Cheers and Jeers

Cheers to…

A Smartphone app that helps you identify your pills. Sometimes it’s hard to tell apart your pills, and mix-ups can be dangerous. A program developed by the US National Institutes of Health identifies the pill from a picture taken with your phone by assessing the shape, color and imprint. Learn more details about the software here.

John Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka, who won a Nobel Prize. The scientists won for their work with stem cells. Gurdon, from the UK, cloned frogs and Yamanaka, of Japan, reprogrammed cells to become stem cells. Read more about their work here.

Jeers to….

The increasing meningitis outbreak. The contaminated steroid injections have affected 120 people. The death rate has risen to 12. The most affected state, Tennessee, has had 6 deaths. Other states reporting cases of the outbreak are Maryland, Michigan, Virginia, Florida, Indiana, Minnesota, North Carolina and Ohio. Get more details here.

Discrimination against transgendered voters. Many transgendered people are reporting issues with identification at the polls. The voters say often officials checking IDs do not believe the person matches the identification because of gender inconsistencies. The potential embarrassment makes these voters hesitant to head to the polls. Read more about the discrimination here.

By Laura Jungreis