Healthiest Coffee for Coffee Lovers

Maybe you go to Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts for the cute barista who works there, or maybe you go for the warm feeling you get after drinking your chai latte after a long week. Or better yet, maybe it’s for the appetizing whipped cream on top of your caramel macchiato. Syracuse students crowd the Starbucks on Marshall Street in order to survive their morning 8 A.M. classes, 9:30’s or simply their “early” 12:30’s. Either way, a sugary Starbucks does not substitute a healthy breakfast. What you may think is a low calorie drink often ends up being extremely unhealthy. Especially around the holiday times, it’s not uncommon to see coffee places switch their menus to include more caramel or apple flavored drinks. The seemingly innocent changes to their menu can also add countless calories.

Here are some health tips for all coffee lovers:

  1. If it’s too difficult for you to ditch the latte altogether, choose the skinny syrup latte or the non-fat latte. The “skinny” means that the syrup they put in your drink will be sugar-free, but still delicious!
  2. Instead of getting the 16 0z. Caramel Frappuccino, opt for the “light” version without whipped cream. This saves you 270 calories and is less sugary.
  3. Fall brings pumpkins and apples, but it also brings sugary drinks.  When you’re choosing between the new pumpkin spice latte with whipped cream and a skim coffee coolata from Dunkin’ Donuts, opt for the coolata. It’s still sweet and will satisfy your craving for coffee.
  4. You may think that a Starbucks coffee is healthier than any other coffee place. Now McDonalds has an option that has less calories than a Starbucks drink, and with less sugar. Choose the medium nonfat iced latte from McDonald’s over the grande skinny  cinnamon dolce latte. The McDonald’s option has 9 grams of sugar compared to the Starbucks drink which has 17 grams of sugar.

Tips for drinking coffee from the comfort of your home:

Ditch the whipped cream! Don’t add four packets of sugar to your already sweetened drink. Also, when you go to the store to buy coffee to make at home, make sure it says how it was processed on the bag. If the decaffeination process was done without chemicals, then it is safer for your health. Try tea as another way to get your caffeine fix.

By Ediva Zanker

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